Looking Ahead to Season 8

To date there have been very few snippets of information as to what will await fans in September, but one thing is certain – I would like to see a continuation of the quality that season seven brought us.  The character driven episodes are clear winners as they allow for development and emotional engagement.  When the episodes are written well and with a great guest cast, original characters can also be just as rewarding.  The references to older episodes and cases, and the continuation of old, previously unfinished storylines are also a pleasure and very much heightened the enjoyment of season seven.  The balance between the personal and professional lives is currently at about the right level.  Too much of ‘Densi’ at home turns the show into a soap and so far the show has resisted this. Instead of seeing the partners investigate in pairs, team based episodes allow a different level of interactions, as do partner swaps.  Changing the dynamics allows the show to remain fresh, maintains audience interest and hopefully allows new viewers to become fans.

It would be unfair for me to wish that season 8 revolves around Callen (his father, exploring his CIA history, his psychological state of mind, Janvier, Anna Kolcheck etc.), so below is a sensible wish list of what I would like to see next season.  Some will most likely happen, the rest will live in my imagination!

  • Some more distrust between Hetty and Callen, building on from season seven.
  • A ‘Deeks M’ episode, delving into the dark and violent side of our favourite LAPD liaison officer.  Whether that be follow through on the Internal Affairs investigations or something that harks back to his own childhood. Answers as to where his mother suddenly materialised would be good, as in season 2 a big deal was made about no one knowing his next of kin – not even Deeks.
  • More episodes with Deeks and Callen partnered up.  They are very different sides of the same coin, sharing an abusive upbringing.
  • Or maybe Deeks and Sam will pair up, if Kensi disappears from the team (as Daniela Ruah is pregnant).
  • The return of Anna Kolcheck, maybe as a partner to Callen?  Anna’s interactions and influence over Callen would be very interesting to see.  (In the romantic stakes, he seems to let women control him.)  I think they could get each other in to a lot of mischief.  This also means more Arkady, which is always a positive.
  • A peek into the shared history of Hetty and Granger; why did she once try to kill him?
  • Janvier – it’s about time he either escaped or exerted some power and attempted to destroy the people Callen cares about.  The Christmas card Callen received in S7 was a reminder that his nemesis is still alive but contained, and Callen clearly perceives there is no threat at all.
  • After Sam’s torture in season 4/5, Nate realised that Sam may not be able to take much more.  If Janvier returned, placing Sam in danger would be an ideal opportunity to explore the psychological risks of repeated exposure to torture.
  • Callen and his father.  He may now have met his father but the man deserves answers as to how and why he was sent to the States and left to fester in the welfare state.
  • With Daniela Ruah being pregnant when she returns to filming, it is difficult to guess potential storylines.  Will she be sent on assignment again?  Will she be injured off the show for a few months?  The only thing that is clear, is that new showrunner Scott Gemmill has stated that Kensi will not be pregnant.  There may be an official proposal though…
  • Granger & his daughter; how will this change him as a man?
  • The Mole.  Who is the mole?  This has been a very frustrating slow-burner of a plotline for a while now.  I just hope it won’t be some random character as it was in season six.  But then again it would have to be very convincing if one of the permanent cast is the traitor, or at least set up to be one…

What is on your wish list for season 8?  Post your thoughts below – it will be interesting to review them this time next year..

12 thoughts on “Looking Ahead to Season 8

  1. Caroline

    Thank you for this look on season 8. I agree with you on a lot of points.

    Certainly not to much Densi.
    I would love to see Callen getting to know his father better and learn about his past.
    Callen and Deeks partnering up, that should be fun.

    I think that you are right that the wondertwins are becoming more and more weird. I like Eric with his awkward remarks and Nell being sarcastic. The way they behave around each other at this point in the series just doesn’t feel natural.

    It is also odd that in season six episode Rage, we find out that Hetty has been Callen’s last “fostermother”. This is like a one off, it is never refered to later. In stead we see a rift between them that is becoming wider and wider. I hope they tackle this in season 8. I always loved the quiet scenes between them.
    I am always impressed by the way CoD plays emotional scenes (like the film scene in Reshnikov. N, or when he met his father, the first time he saw a picture of his mother and so on)
    I would like to see an episode in which the op. resembles something that happened to him in his youth. How will he deal with it, also emotionally. A character development.
    In general I hope the producers will keep up the quality of season 7. They will have my support, that’s for sure!


  2. snoopgirlz

    Re: Janvier and Callen — I thought Callen came across a bit “nervous” that Janvier sends him cards. He of course tried to hide it from Sam by being blase about it, but deep down I think Janvier still being alive “bothers” Callen. And where did Janvier send the card to? If Janvier does know where Callen lives, I can see that totally making him nervous.
    Side note, I would have LOVED to see/hear Callen explain that card to Joelle. She must have seen/read it.


    1. I Am Me Post author

      Oh yes, Callen’s explanation of Janvier’s card to Joelle would have been fun to see!

      Personally I took the whole scene as Callen finding the whole situation amusing (together with winding Sam up about his lack of Christmas decorations & his sleeping with Jo even though they’ve split up). But that’s the beauty – every one can interpret the show, scenes and characters in different ways.


  3. skippy

    Oh, a wishlist again, I love this.
    So my wishlist is short, just what you wished without Anna Kolcheck (but more Arkady please), no Deeks M. epsiode, and no more Sam centered episodes. These ones are the most boring ones due to the character of Sam, too predictable (his steady personality and ‘normal’ life is important to the team but nothing more). No wedding and no more personal stories of Kensi and Deeks relationship and love life at work. I just don’t like it and never will. It just doesn’t fit into this genre of action driven TV show.


    1. I Am Me Post author

      We’ll have to agree to disagree on a few points, but I also find Sam centred episodes rather boring. They can be interesting up to a point…


  4. Linda W

    A very impressive wish list! I agree the balance of all characters is just right. Don’t want anymore Densi love life/ domestic scenes. I want to see Kensi as a terrific agent in her own right. Go back to the old Nell and Eric they do seem a little strange in their dialogue. Let’s learn more about Granger and Deeks. I would like Hetty to be less manipulative with the whole team. We have learned a lot about Sam but not enough about Callen especially with his father. Some storylines need to be finished up, and new ones started. And please tell us who the mole is!


    1. I Am Me Post author

      Thank you as always for reading and commenting. Agree with your comments – the only dead cert is most likely to the finding out who the mole is!


  5. Rainy

    I like your wish list except for Anna. I didn’t like her character at all. I do hope there is more Nell but not as much of her with Eric. Thanks!!


    1. I Am Me Post author

      Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. I like the idea of Anna as a character, and the actress is better than when she first came in to it.


  6. monty

    Max Gentry
    No, no, no, no, no Densi
    Densi: dead, stop, niet, nada, basta, finish, etc…
    No Kensi
    No Sam
    No Nell
    and Max Gentry, Max Gentry, Max Gentry.



  7. Chloe Fortenbaugh

    In season 8 I’d like to see more of Callen’s father and his past, but not only that, I would like to see the continuation of Callen and Anna’s relationship. I personally think that they make a cute couple. I also wanna know who that mole is very badly!!! I also wanna see more of when Sam and Deeks partner up, I think it’s hilarious the way Sam picks on Deeks.



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