Kensi’s ‘life altering’ Condition???

Just a quick thought about recent behind the scenes photos and a new (recurring) guest…too far fetched?  I’ll probably be wrong anyway…

Kensi is in a helicopter accident, loses her leg and has a prosthetic one fitted.  Time in hospital to recuperate = scenes outside the Mission & Ops and generally away from all other characters except Deeks, her therapist or fellow patients, and maybe Hetty.

Logic: Circumstantial evidence include a now removed photo that appears to show a wrecked helicopter (others have re-posted this on Instagram), Daniela Ruah’s post that Kensi killed the wicked witch.  There is also a new recurring character named Sullivan, played by real life amputee Kurt Yaeger, whose scenes I believed were filmed last week (which were the extras, with mainly Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen on set).

D Ruah Insta - Copy

K Yeager 2

K Yaeger



2 thoughts on “Kensi’s ‘life altering’ Condition???

  1. Mark D. Spremulli

    Good Point, but would she still be able to be an agent with an artificial leg. That would completely change the show?


    1. robin1028

      NCIS LA was well on its way to being another NCIS who is enjoying a very long run plus still going strong, not much for TV series many many of us just loved NCIS LA, not to excited about the changes that seemingly are happening, Nell is truly unbeilivable as a agent, personality,
      looks , she belongs in ops ,rewriting script will not change the person,
      So sorry to say but I see NCIS LA going down in ratings big time with all the changes, Callen
      Chris…. of course is loved by all , very believable character, Great personality for the part he plays, not the “I am bigger then life attitude” that his partner in the show protrays,
      I hate to see the show change itself out of the ratings that they worked so hard for and had earned… and all the followers of there fans



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