Anticipating S08E14 ‘Under Siege’

It seems like S08E14 ‘Under Siege’ (written by Scott Gemmill and filmed over the last seven days) may be the key ‘mole’ episode.  Already the Christmas episode teasers are reminding viewers there’s thirty days left for Hetty to find the mole.  ‘Under Siege’ features the return of the following characters – as seem on various Instagram accounts of the actors, RT from fans etc.  A photo of a script page also suggests that Deeks is in jail in this episode – undercover or under suspicion that he’s the mole?

NCIS Agent Thompson – Jeronimo Spinx (IMDB cites S1 Ambush, Empty Quiver, S3 Exit Strategy, S4 Rude Awakenings, S5 Zero Days, S7 An Unlocked Mind

NCIS Agent Nassir – Tom Winter (IMDB  -S1 Found, S3 Exit Strategy, S4 Rude Awakenings)

Carl Brown – Adam Bartley (the one and only original mole from S5 Traitor, S8 Ghost Gun, Sirens)

CIA Agent Randall Sharov (AKA Balinski) – Salvator Xuereb (S7 Matryoshka Parts 1 & 2)


Note these photos are not used by permission of the actors but are publicly posted on their own Instagram and / or Twitter accounts, so hopefully there is no offence caused or taken by anyone.  The above text is all supposition but is certainly food for thought…whichever way, it seems that this will be one big episode!


7 thoughts on “Anticipating S08E14 ‘Under Siege’

  1. skippy

    I also can’t wait for this episode (just one tiny little correction. I think it is written by Gemmill, but I could be wrong). Hopefully it will end the mole story, but I guess it will continue from here on, just more intense than in the previous episodes.
    Also the writer usually delivers intense episodes.
    So lets wait until end of Jan.
    Thank you for your post.


  2. monty

    Deeks is in jail. Undercover or mole?
    The mole, yes…
    Shaggy is discovered but I hope that Max Gentry him do the bad boy. He is very good at being bad. Max can save Martin so that he can get away, can escape and can have a new life. Would be nice to Mexico to surf, with Eva. This would be a really nice way to bow out.
    Damn, I’m delirious like crazy! I know, I exaggerate, but I prefer Martin dead than see him destroyed by Densi. You know, right?
    Nice article.
    Hi from Roma.


    1. hoopsdiva

      I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who thinks Densi has destroyed Deeks. Forget Densi – I want Deeks back as an independent character, not as Kensi’s biyutch.


      1. I Am Me Post author

        And vica versa, Kensi has the right to be an independent character in her own right rather than be defined as one half of Deeks. Kiss-ass Blye needs to return soon.


  3. Donna Marie Fletcher

    Why would Deeks be undercover in jail? He is a cop and that would be too dangerous for him. It must have something to do with the mole because that guy Carl is back. Also I am sure that Sullivan is back in this episode which worries me.



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