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S08E17 Queen Pin

It seems to be a common trend that whilst Sam is always present and quite often a force to be reckoned with in each episode, he rarely gets a chance to shine.  When he has, his integrity has been called in to question.  Think of the episodes involving Jada Khaled, his former NCIS partner (pre-Callen) and even when he was framed for murder.  Queen Pin is Sam’s turn to demonstrate his undercover skills and importantly, he gets to do that without Callen present and without doubting his honour.    Continue reading

NCISLA Review – Season 7

Season seven has been a roller coaster of a ride for all the main characters.  Each has been allowed the opportunity to develop a little further and to shine in their own right.  There has been no focus on one single character.  And true to the show, the best episodes of the season have been the character driven ones such as Citadel, Internal Affairs, The Long Goodbye and The Seventh Child.

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S07E24 Talion

It had been teased by showrunner Shane Brennan last September, that the finale would see Sam’s family in jeopardy.  Sam’s only known enemy is Tahir Khaled who returned earlier this season in “Revenge Deferred”; his escape neatly setting up his imminent return in “Talion”.    Talion’ law is an old Babylonion principle along the lines of ‘an eye for an eye’ ‘a tooth for a tooth’, and therefore Tahir is not only out for revenge but has come to LA to destroy Sam’s family, as he perceives Sam has destroyed his. Continue reading

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Post-script to S05E06 “Big Brother”

It had not gone as expected, but then how many operations actually did? A fifteen year old girl had inadvertently compromised the cell phones of two Federal Agents after her boyfriend deliberately hacked her cell. Teen angst and imposters on social media had just been the start of the problem, leading to a near massacre of the joint agency task force sent to take down a cell of the Molina Cartel…Callen shook his head and smiled as he wondered how Sam would cope when his kids reached their teenage years.

Deeks as usual had provided the comic relief for the day with his walking workstation, and had continued to be a source of amusement when the team hit the bar for a ‘debrief’ afterwards. The four of them had headed down to Venice Beach for beer and burgers at the Surf Shack, a ramshackle hut of a bar that had a sprawl of tables and chairs that spilled onto the boardwalk. The team had sat outside in the far corner, enjoying the last of the evening’s sun and each other’s company.

“So why doesn’t it surprise me that Deeks claims to have finished High School in the style of Ferris Bueller?” Sam asked, kicking off the conversation with a level of intelligence which would be maintained throughout the evening.

“Yeah, I can just see him now, high-jacking a float and shaking his bootie to Twist & Shout, just like the rock star he used to be…” Kensi said with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

“I’m surprised he even managed to finish High School,” Callen added before snapping his head round to look at Kensi. “And what’s this about Deeks being a rock star?” Continue reading

S07E17 Revenge Deferred


Several episodes in season seven have set the foundations for the return of Tahir Khaled, warlord brother of Jada, whom Sam romantically befriended in season three.  Sam tricked her into leaving her home land, and destroyed her dreams when he abandoned her upon arrival to the US; Jada had to testify against Tahir or return home, where her brother would kill her.  In ‘The Long Goodbye’, Jada managed to escape witness protection and returned home, leaving the storyline open for her brother to finally seek revenge upon Sam, hence the title ‘Revenge Deferred’.  Continue reading