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S07E06 Unspoken

It’s been quite a while since an episode centred around Special Agent Sam Hanna.  He’s the most normal character on NCISLA; he has a stable marriage, two children, a former SEAL who takes pride in his morals and work ethics, and is a perfectionist.  A real team player.  There is no mystery, no challenging childhood, no absent parent, and so Sam centric episodes need to call on external circumstances and characters to question his high moral standards and character judgements. Continue reading

S06E20 Rage

The first time Frank Military wrote and directed for NCISLA, Spoils of War was born; a very dark episode, full of anger, torture, psychological torment and dramatic action.  Rage is his second outing as writer / director, and as the title suggests, this is also full of anger, psychological torment, tension and drama.  Dark themes are again prevalent, but this time very different; child abuse, police brutality, racism and the subjugation of women.  The case itself focuses on a gang of white supremacists, suspected to have in their possession nuclear material stolen from a closed Naval Hospital. Continue reading

S07E04 Command & Control

Command and Control was an apt title with a familiar premise, and felt like a mini-movie squeezed in to forty three minutes.  The show’s 150th episode opened with a BOOM that set the tone for everything that followed.  There is mystery, excitement and a detour from the usual formula, but that is still not enough to make this special or memorable.

The opening scene shows a truck being chased by the police, driving in to a car park.  The driver and passenger abandon the vehicle and then shoot the equipment in the back to trigger an explosion.  Sam and Callen are seen calmly walking away.  Continue reading