S08E19 767

As season 8 begins to draw to a close, the most recent episode brings immense satisfaction by bringing the show back to it’s lovable basics.  No matter how interesting partnership shake ups can be with the utilisation of existing and recurring characters, 767 had everyone back where they belong and where they perform best.  Nell and Eric are firmly kept in the environs of ops, the field agents are out in the field solving crime and risking their lives and Hetty is keeping an eye on things, as always.  

The case of the week sees the team investigate the murder of an engineer who was working on a Navy project for a new guided missile destroyer.  Investigations which quickly lead to his co-worker Aiden Tinker, who is suspected of stealing the classified files.  (Yes, Callen does say Tinker and Spy in the same sentence, John Le Carré reference anyone?)  As Tinker vlcsnap-2017-03-29-20h09m44s723boards a flight to Toyko, Sam and Callen follow as business passengers. The rest of the team continue their investigations in LA.  This means the entire team are working towards the same goal.  There are no subplots or individuals syphoned off for a personal crusade or a private mission for Hetty.  The team is split in to the established and expected partnerships. Kensi and Deeks work the case on the ground while Sam and Callen are back together and undercover, after what seems to be a prolonged absence from each other.

Kensi & Deeks are under the covers, as this week it’s their turn to have their romantic liaisons explored.  The opening may show the two attempting to be intimate before being rudely interrupted by a call in to work, but it’s their dialogue which has real purpose.  Kensi’s struggles to return to the field have mostly been physical. She has had to endure being bedridden, wheelchairs, physiotherapy as well as the mental anguish of maybe never being able to return to the field.  Other aspects have not been covered until now.  vlcsnap-2017-03-29-19h25m40s687Kensi has been having trouble sleeping and this is the first time she has slept well, which has maybe given her the strength required to restart the sexual side of her relationship with Deeks.  Deeks has supported Kensi throughout her recovery and endured his own mental anguish of questioning whether he is strong enough for his partner.  Kensi is still on the path to recovery and not all aspects of this are on display – to the rest of the team at least.  Both have to wait a little longer to satisfy their desires and the lighter tone of the episode is set when Deeks begs Kensi to stay in bed with him, the length of time required shortening with each moment he begs.

Deeks to Kensi: You’re the strong one.

The banter continues throughout with both sets of partners, starting with Sam and Callen in the gym and continued when Sam is given a first class plane ticket vlcsnap-2017-03-29-19h51m04s461for their undercover op, leaving Callen in coach.  They constantly wind each other up with their beautiful bromantic banter, which has been sorely missed recently.  The two play off each other so easily, although Callen does always seem to get the bum deal, this time seated next to a large, chatty chap who clearly enjoys people.  Callen on the other hand, does not, although eventually with Sam enjoying the perks of first class, Callen reluctantly relents and is shown eating the proffered chicken drumstick.

Passenger: What’s your name?

Callen: G

Passenger: What kind of a name is that?

Callen: A short one!

Nell and Eric’s investigations not only progress the case but also the narrative.  The team have to work to find the answers and as they guess and deduce, so the viewer is enlightened as the team make the connections.  There are no twists and turns.  The plot is straight forward which allows the episode to flow with action and humour.  vlcsnap-2017-03-29-20h09m11s421Much to Kensi’s amusement, Deeks get hit on by the public relations officer at Tinker’s engineering firm.  Sam has briefed his ex-SEAL contact about Deeks, who greets him as “Shaggy” and tries to negotiate a gift in return for information.  There are also sweet moments with Kensi wanting a weekend get away, and Deeks discussing weekend plans, with Deeks holding out as he’s surprising Kensi with her friends, Kat, Mindy, Mandy, Tiffany and Tiffany.

The flight attendant who assists Sam and Callen seems grossly ill suited to manage an in-air emergency, displaying no decisive or leadership skills.  Luckily with the support of the agents, she ups her game which will also help give her the strength to move on from such an ordeal, which neatly follows from the earlier conversations about Kensi’s psychological recovery. There is a very accurate reflection of popular culture with passengers recording the fights on their cell phones, potentially risking their own lives with the fight in such close proximity. Even the Captain is a strong character.  He’s ex-Navy and even thoughIMG_3603 he only makes an appearance at the end, he delivers what could be prophetic words, saying that men like them [Sam and Callen] are not designed to grow old.

Equilibrium has been restored and as this is episode 19 of 24, it will only last so long.  It is the calm before the storm. The Captain’s words leads neatly to the closing scenes where Hetty shares an expensive drink with Sam and Callen.  She expresses her thoughts about the dark events of the last twelve months and they toast the future and to writing the pages of this year.  Unfortunately, the “hell of a story” Hetty wishes to make, is bound to test the team to their limits.  Let’s hope there won’t be too many casualties along the way.

What did you think of this episode?  Please leave a note below and let me know.  

11 thoughts on “S08E19 767

  1. EH

    This was one of the best episodes this season IMO. The plot was well-developed and the action was present but didn’t overwhelm the characters (and I loved the ref to le Carre and Smiley–could there be any better spymasters?). Your review was, as usual, thoughtful and discerning although I do take issue on a few things.
    The Kensi and Deeks opening scene was cute, but the sex part seemed odd since in the episode the week before, Kensi had used having their own “couples retreat” as the reward if Deeks would build her a fire outside for her marshmallows. Maybe that was just going to be heavy petting? As for keeping the arrival of her friends secret, I could think of countless ways to do that, but it was a minor issue. I do think your assessment of the flight attendant was too harsh, and that, given the circumstances (a dead crew member and shooters on board) and the fact that she’s not a trained agent, she handled herself well and stepped up to her responsibilities of her own accord. And the coffee from Shaggy to Lincoln wasn’t a “gift;” it was the payment Lincoln required because, while Kensi charmed him into helping them, Shaggy did not (that was a clever move by Sam). I did like the fact that Kensi let the flirtations of the PR gal just flow right past her, but the scene did show her prickly side when Deeks cut her off before she could speak bluntly–which shows why she would still not be good teaching yoga in Bali. It was interesting that, when asked his name by Big Ron, Callen responded with G. That is one of the few times I can recall him using his first initial with a stranger. Could that be light coming through one of those cracks?
    The captain’s comment, “You know, men like us aren’t designed to grow old,” seemed directed at both G and Sam, and it was definitely not welcome, foreshadowing troubles ahead. But, the ending scene with Hetty holding court and them sipping expensive bourbon was perfection. It was a nice, quiet scene, and it reminded me of the many conversations she’d had with Granger during the past few seasons..

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  2. robin1028

    Sorry can not agree that this was such a terrific episote ,, just cannot get back to the actors being good,, except for Callen, Kensi, and Deeks ,sometimes Hetty … the charactors are not getting better just more phoney and unbeilvable, like there trying to hard which results in terrible acting….sombody needs to put a mussle on Sams mouth…. were all quite done with his acting so superior, the thing he does with his mouth when he thinks he got something over on someone else,,, specially Callen, same thing he does with his mouth when a female talks to him… reminds us of a prevert…. sure hope next season we will get some glued to your seat type of episotes…when will we ever learn the secret about Hetty and Callen,,many episodes have let to the revelation of Hetty somewhat raising Callen…also what happened to Callens Dad???? How about Sabitino, and when will the real mole be exposed that helped to almost bring down NCIS,,, everything pointed to Michelle, and I am sure Sam, his jealousy and inferior complex has had the making for this throughout the 8 seasons, bring it to fruishen already please… one thing is for sure,many of us will not be adding the 8th seaon video to our library


    1. Bliss

      Boy, I have to say after reading your comments, I’m wondering if I watched the same episode. I’m not sure why you seem so hateful toward LL, but your comments about him (as Sam) make me think your comments are personal. The general consensus is that the actors have been very good this season, so your observation that “there [sic] trying to [sic] hard which results in terrible acting” again seems based more on personal feelings than an objective, unbiased, informed knowledge of acting. And I have no idea what you mean about the thing Callen does with his mouth. Actually, the ONLY actor who does “anything” with his mouth is ECO–who has the habit of squeezing his lips together and turning up the corners of his mouth as a reflex action and has done this for YEARS (it drives me crazy). As for your questions about Garrison, Michelle, and Sabatino–they had nothing to do with this story line; hence their absence. And, some of us have probably already added season 8 to our video library. Perhaps you’ll find the remaining episodes better, but my guess is (based on your past comments) you probably won’t. XD

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  3. monty

    Episode pleasant.
    I enjoy very much when the action is “forced” in small spaces.
    G (short name …) and Sam are very good and in harmony.
    Cheryl has behaved in the right way; Sam’s words to her are true.
    The wise words of the Captain and Hetty, care about me.
    Kensi wants to work, shoot, drive, answer the phone and be with Candy, Mindy, Molly, Berry, Benny, Lilly, Gilly, Filly, MyMiniPony, Barbie and Ken . She does all these things, but not sex. Shaggy cries and asks a few minutes (4, no 2½ minutes: the fastest and unfortunate man on the planet) and she could give him, but … it’s better to go to work!
    DensiFan, are you sure to love MD?


    1. Bliss

      Well, if you’re a federal law enforcement officer and there is the possibility of a national defense secret being stolen and sold to an enemy, the obvious action is to go to work and forgo any whoopee your partner wants–especially if it’s only 2 1/2 minutes. XD

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      1. monty

        Kensi has healed to work, but not to love her man. Really? This is a unbelievable story.
        She watches him sleep instead of waking him and have sex and when to wake him, she wastes time to say “thank you” instead of undress. The truth is that if Kensi is still home to sleep and she’s not at work, she should want to do sex … and then answer the phone.
        Well, if you’re a federal agent and you know that to work you never have time to devote to your life, take advantage of it as soon as you can, yes, even for 2½ minutes :). Maybe Kensi is frigid :(.
        From the speech that Shaggy and Kensi say, you understand that their couple intimate life is non-existent and this is just disheartening, senseless and unjustified. I do not understand what sense has it all and where the writers want to end up.
        To me is fine: I can not stand Kensi.


      2. writeisnice

        Personally, I think both Kensi and Deeks talk too much, but that’s part of their charm and their characters’ personalities–and evidently, they have many fans. I don’t agree with you about Kensi and a lack of sexual drive, and Deeks seems to adore her the way she is. If he thought that his love was going to change her–anymore than she expected her love would change him–then he’s bound to be disappointed.
        Personally, I prefer Callen and Anna. In Queen Pin, after he said, “Wait,” neither said anything until his phone rang–and then it was a total of four words between them until the door knock. They both get down to business. 🙂

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  4. Linda Wigington

    Thanks for your review. It is always a pleasure to read it. I loved the episode for exactly the reason you said. This is my # NCISLA. Everyone is back where they should be. Eric and Nell shine in OPS and Deeks and Kensi are moving forward in their relationship. They are so relaxed with each other and their dialogue is so funny at times. I wonder how Deeks will survive a weekend with Kensi’s friends, but so sweet of him to arrange it. So glad to see Sam and Callen back to their regular banter. I have missed it so! It doesn’t matter what they are talking about whether it be the seating or work in the gym, it is always funny. The scene in the plane with the chicken wings and Callen’s facial expressions was hilarious. Everyone in the plane worked together to stop the villain. Great action scenes! Yeah! This was episode 19 of 24. We all know there is tragedy to follow, but right now we had a terrific episode.

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  5. monty

    Thanks for pointing this: six is better than four.
    I understand what you say but I will never agree with you: I do not understand the Densi and will never understand them.
    Shaggy loves Kensi because so wanted to fan; while those who do not love them, like me (we exist too), their couple is not credible.
    The original Deeks would never accept a little passionate lover; what you see is Shaggy, no Deeks.
    All hard-working: even G and Anna went to work.
    Of course, the job first! If you are okay… 🙂


    1. EH

      I read your comments and I think you’re right about the changes to Kensi and Deeks and their relationship. To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of Deeks early on because he had a “frat” mentality: treated women as objects in his manner and his words, including Kensi (and she took it which made me not think much of her), but things have changed–and some for the better. Kensi is more independent and assertive which isn’t bad, but she seems to be the dominant partner now, and I like partners that are more equal. I re-watched the two “love” scenes–the differences are striking. Callen and Anna are so intense that when Hetty calls, he doesn’t answer–and you can tell he has no interest in taking his attention away from Anna (and this is the leader of the team, the man who considers Hetty almost his surrogate mother). When Kensi gets the call, she answers almost immediately and stops what she’s doing to go to work. She’s being responsible, yes, but she’s not passionate, at least not about Deeks–and he doesn’t make much of an effort to get her attention back. Densi reminds me more and more of a nice, comfortable couple who are content and secure in their relationship–which isn’t a criticism of them, but they’re not what I would ever call a “hot” couple.

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